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Serviced Offices

The minimum fixed term for office space leases in India is three year. This means that if you are looking to set up an office, you need to commit to pay the rent for 3 years before you can terminate contract

Meeting Rooms

From affordable pricing to flexible layouts, you get all at our meeting rooms in Gurgaon. You can rent meeting rooms from an hour to half day or full day, whicheversuits your preferences.

Virtual Offices

If you are working from home or have a start-up with no or few employees than virtual office is the best option for your business. Fore front can help you get a virtual office in extremely economical rates.

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Office Places in Gurgaon

Hire a cost effective modern business center at a fixed cost without huge maintenance charges and modern facilities like:

  • Robust wifi and LAN internet connection
  • Secure and private work area
  • Tea and coffee for visitors and staff
  • Conference room availability
  • Reception area to receive mailed
  • Customized seating and flexible space options

Fully equipped and modernized office space solutions to ease the seating solutions at pocket-friendly prices and easy terms.

  • Simply plug and play office solutions
  • Modern and movable office furniture
  • Professional business environment
  • Secure internet connection
  • Shared and coworking office space
  • Comfortable workspace layout

Faq’s Virtual offices(Business Centre)

What is Virtual office

It allows any business person, employee or freelancer to work from home with having an office address. This office address can be used for business listing or business correspondence. Meeting Rooms or office infrastructure can be used on an hourly basis. Common communication services like phone answering, teleconferencing, etc will also be offered in this package.

Do I have to buy a package to use office space?

Virtual office space based on fixed packages whereas shared, coworking ad services office spaces are available on flexibility basis depending upon the budget and seating requirements.

What if I need to spend more hours then decided?

We will be ready to offer extra space solution as per the availability, although on frequent extra hours, you will be charged on hourly basis.

Can I sublet the space?

No, you do not have permission to sublet the space. If you want to invite other companies, you can contact us to offer them office space solutions. You may be given some amount of discount if deals seem beneficiary.

How do I make Payment?

Payment can be made through any digital and secure platform. A confirmation will be given to your after receiving the payment.

Do you offer Meeting Rooms on Sundays?

Yes, we do but subject to availability. being located in commercial buildings, you may be charged extra due to overburden maintenance charges levied on weekends. You may request to sign agreements if you need Meeting Rooms on every Sunday.

What if I want to leave the space before time?

You will be required to offer a notice period of one month. If you vacate the space before the prescribed time, your security money will not be refunded.

Office place makes sure to offer requisite business services without which business activities may get disturbed.

  • Wet pantry facilities for snacks
  • High-speed wifi and LAN connection
  • Printing, copying and scanning facility
  • Housekeeping services on call
  • Administrative and IT support
  • Digital marketing services on paid basis

Save the time and cost while occupying fully furnished office space in Gurgaon. Office place offers multiple office space solutions in Gurgaon with flexible term and conditions.

  • Free relocation
  • Extra shared space or less space can be occupied as per the requirement
  • Meeting Rooms can be used on flexible basis
  • Office place based on ‘pay as you go’
  • Customized workstation for long term business


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